Short Story 1

 A Dream I Had About A Boy I Knew

We had a strange time together. It made me feel good, but I wasn’t quite sure how I’d left him. I never asked. I didn’t even think to. I thought that if I could conquer him, I could conquer them all.

His green eyes were marbled with red, a deep spiritual red. The kind of red that runs when you sacrifice a virgin. His hair was strong and he used it as a shield , and as a beacon. He wasn’t very conspicuous. His arms were long, his legs were short. His belly was purple and his tail was gold. He spoke no words, but at some point, during our interaction, he made it very clear that he needed to show me something.

We emerged from a shadowed land, into the middle of a field, a lavender field. Conifers surrounded us in a square, and I immediately felt the plane of the wilderness belittling me. It was humbling. I looked to the creature that brought me here, and I sighed a small sigh. He caught me and asked, “What did you just let go of?”

I couldn’t reply right away, because I did not know. But he had a way of bubbling my soul to the top of my throat. I gave him every bit of my insecurity, wrapped in silk. I tumbled around in them for a while. I wasn’t embarrassed, and he wasn’t bored.


Zuri McWhorter


you settle for yourself

rather, you call it settling

because you only know

how to run from the truth


but when you aim

for heaven and

reach for the moon,

all those smoking mirrors


break and plume




She simplifies madness

She drags on for

miles and miles 

about the same 

old roads behind 

her house.


Pebbles can smash

thin windows, if

you drive too fast. 


She lost a tooth 

untying a noose, 

she was too small

and hit the ground


Loose change for

sweets to dull the 

pain; the remains 

of a little girl.